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lyrics by Deanfluenza
composed by Deanfluenza, highhopes
arranged by Deanfluenza, highhopes

Music Video Director: FLIPEVIL, deantrbl, 96WAVE

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I'm enjoying the mayo

Social media is indeed a cruel place. Not everyone can handle that cruelty… Rest in peace sulli 💖

Warriors 3324

you know the part that says “sometimes i feel alone”?
dean made it so that you’re left to stare at a black screen, and see your reflection.
this directing is amazing

Kassandra Mendieta

So sad that it’s like the “social media” is filling up the empty room and making it more interesying when at the end of the day, the room is still empty. Like a metaphor for our lives

Seref Poyraz

Interviewer: oh such a deep song. Where did you get your intention?
Dean: yeah…. it all started when I „walked“ downstairs while doing a livestream….

excuse me!

Even if you are not into R&B side of Korean music u can still agree that Dean is such an amazing artist and every song he creates is so meaningful.

you are my darlin’

this song really got me feeling some type of way- made me realize just how lonely i feel whenever i go on social media sites and see people having fun, and i’m just seeing them from my screen. dean really knows how to make a feeling with his songs

I mean it, I do.나는 불고기를 좋아한다.

*this music video really shows how the internet is taking over the world*

Giselle Claudine

Came here because Minnie (G-Idle) and Hyejeong (AOA) will cover this song on Queendom 😍❤️ what a nice song 😍❤️ I had a crush on him back then since he collaborated with Taeyeon “Starlight” but how come I only found out this song only now? 😭😭😭

Amran Sandhu

I love how literally no one is talking about the amount of effort put in by the animators and graphic designers, it probably took them a year to make it (|^|)/

Juan Rodriguez

My wife showed me this once, and I was instantly hooked. I didn’t care who the artist was, I didn’t care who was talking about it, I don’t understand the lyrics; I just know that it’s a beautifully written song. Then, reading the lyrics in English, i can resonate so much with it.

It makes me think; do people even know what they’re doing anymore? Do they have anything in specific to look at? I get on IG, and I also just feel lonely.

kid dancing to future

at this point it’s not even a song, it’s a masterpiece, a lyrical, musical and visual masterpiece

Dixie Waligura

I’m only playing this song for ma best friend. She’s gone. And this was beer favorite song.

Ixchel Atienza

that last part where he was laughing then suddenly he looked sad

i dont know why but that hit me A LOT

0ouud em4real

Fun fact:
This is the first k-pop song justin bieber said he listened to and said “it was so fire”

imma clown biches

Can’t believe I’m JUST hearing this. This song is so fucking good…where have I been all my life…😔✊

Telyssa Faapoi

This song is literally the definition of ART. The meaning about it in his lyrics, His voice, The music video, The vibe of the song and the instruments being used. It’s a literal masterpiece. And the fact that this song is so relateable as well blows my mind. Also the fact that the part where he blacked out the screen and it was just that voice talking was meant to be us (we can see ourselves in the reflection of the black screen) is so amazing. Dean is a REAL artist and this song needs to be known much more worldwide.

Jīmīnī Pābō

i found this song “now” by coincidence and like.. why haven’t i listened to this song earlier?? i’m in love, really
Thursday, March 19, 2020

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my mom just told me that she’s putting me in custody with my dad and that she is going to leave him and she has just hit my brother so i’m here to calm



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